Open Source Cloud Rendering. Self Managed.

Open Source Infrastructure:
Lets us simulate/render for the base price of the resource.

Turn on the shiny switches.
Cheaper rendering for CG Artists, Higher quality images.

FX Unleashed.


Direct access to rendering resources

Self managed storage

Virtual workstations to work with remote data


Build your own cloud pipe without limits.


All the nodes are belong to us


How can openFirehawk allow direct simulation and rendering with cloud resources?

Video 1: What was achieved in the first test?


I am working toward making this open source tool available to others and free to use. More development is required to allow people to use openFirehawk and it is an on going project.

If you think it’s important to have access to cloud resources for the lowest possible cost, share this work or support me on Patreon!

openFirehawk needs support for it to continue to improve. It is currently a prototype, with an approach to make it easier for others to use and copy what it enables.

Video 2: How openFirehawk works


For VFX artists and studios, cloud rendering costs more
than necessary and creates limits to our craft.

openFirehawk allows self management.
It proposes to make the cloud the cheapest resource possible,
with automation tools provided by open source code.

Here it automated direct access to on demand cloud resources for the lowest possible cost.
It saved 4 - 10x the cost of cloud rendering over other alternatives, with more control.
openFirehawk is currently in Alpha.


Excluding the cost of Houdini Engine Licenses,
This was rendered for less than $0.01 per core hour, for $1.20.



The next stage requires your help.

I want to dedicate more time to making openFirehawk reproducible for others like you,
and be supported by the community.


Sharing this work helps to extend its reach and its ability to succeed…

Visibility to the others you are connected to helps
me to enable a tool for all 3D artists.

Support me on Patreon! See this become something that can change
what is possible for 3D artists around the world.



It’s important for this project to focus on the right areas for people. So please communicate what you’d like to see.

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